What Are the Main Parts of Pressure Washer

You must have tried water, soap, brushing, and scrubbing.  You must have experienced some nasty chemicals that didn’t perform the desired duty. So, what should be the solution to all these issues? How to clean the things ideally? Get the best pressure washer as modern problems require advanced solutions. Now, most of the people prefer using the pressure washer, also known as super-powerful hoses. The core purpose of a pressure washer is to clean the things magically. They work amazingly on the lawn furniture, patios, BBQ grills, and multiple types of outside grunge.

There are different parts of the pressure washer that allow the washer to perform correctly. If you don’t know about the different parts of the pressure washer, then nothing to be worried about because you are in the right place. The present discussion aims at highlighting different parts of pressure washers that help the washer to perform effectively. Let us take a closer look at those parts to give you a better idea.

Major parts of pressure washer

There are different parts of pressure washer including;

Ball Valve

One of the core parts of the pressure washer is the ball valve. The principal purpose of the ball valve is that permits you to stop the flow of water for a temporary period. Moreover, it stops the flow of water by hose, and it doesn’t shut the machine. Another function of this ball valve is that it makes the transition from one attachment to the other one easier.

Usually, the manufacturers prepare the ball valve that can be fitted easily into any washer of 10 GPM.  You can replace this part of the washer if it doesn’t function properly.

Chemical Injectors

Chemical injectors are the other major part of the pressure washer. The core function of these injectors is removing the dirt and dust if you have placed it with the proper concentration.

You can rotate the valve in different directions as it will help you in controlling the chemical injection rate as per your preference.

Blower wheels

The primary function of the blower wheel is that you can use it in flue exhaust, condensing, and draft boosting. They perform optimally because they get prepared with the rust resisted and erosion galvanized steel.

It all depends on your selection of devices, whether you have to move it in a clockwise direction or the opposite direction to it.

Heaters and Burners

The heaters and burners are the parts of washers, and they can be found easily as they are attached to a cold pressure washer. There function to convert the severe pressure washer into the hotter machine and also enhance the cleaning power of the engine in the best way.

The automatic fires of the burners are by trigging the gun as it allows the burners to fire out inevitably. One of the best advantages of these burners is that they can be operated easily without spending much effort and energy.

Washer Filters

Though all the parts of pressure washer are imperative, no one can deny the importance of washer filters as they are the crucial ones whenever you think about the protection of your device. The filters are of significant importance whenever you have to reduce the damage.

Additionally, they are fantastic to enhance the operating life of the equipment. Some other functions include their easy installment and comfortable maintenance. These filters can be found with the metal screen, and you can replace them whenever you want to.

Hose Reels

The function of hoes reels is to make the hoses perform better for an extended time. It consumes lesser time and easy to use. You can trailer mount this part of the pressure washer and can be navigated as per the preferences. The function of wall-mounted reels is to create much space on the ground.

Their significant features include that you can carry the hand-carry models as they are lighter in weight with strong durability. This durable feature makes the hose reel perform better for a more extended period.

Gear System

The primary function of a gear system is that you can install it anytime, as it helps in reducing the speed of the pump and also helps in getting better and longer life of the seals and bearings.

This gear system performs multi functionally as it not only reduces the heat transfer but allows the pump to turn at the lesser speed. All these functions result in longer and better performances of the machine.

Pressure Relief Valves

Their primary function is to reduce the pressure overloads significantly, and they can be opened automatically. As the overloads can create an adverse effect on the equipment and can harm the operators.

Their primary function includes a relief valve with low pressure, which makes the water by-pass reach a specific point safely.


Though the device is inexpensive, this electric device is imperative for the provision of safety and protection to any equipment, including the pressure washer. You can use GFIC for the protection of electronic files, as well.

Pressure Gauges

If you want to monitor the pressure level of the system, then it can be done with the help of the pressure gauges. Precise checks can caution of inward siphon harm, cavitation, pressure spikes, and different issues. While choosing your weight check, consistently permit in any event 10% over the most extreme limit of the unit.

Duct Cleaners

The primary function of the duct cleaner is that they can easily clean the vents, ducts, tanks, and different other things. The pressure washers work ideally with these duct cleaners as they are made up of premium material, including stainless-steel greased bearings and corrosion-resisted metal.

Final Words

Before you start operating any equipment, it is essential to know its different parts and what kind of functions can be performed with these multiple parts. That is why we presented you with this article with a piece of complete information. We are hopeful that you have got a whole idea about these parts and their functionality.