What Are The Different Types Of Pumps In Power Washer?

Usually, we prefer using a pressure washer because it not only saves time but the energy and water as well. All these features make this washer environment-friendly. But it is also a fact that we are not aware of the different parts of the machine. Here in this article, we will provide you the detail of different parts of the pressure washer and how these parts offer you incredible cleaning results in no time. 

Since pressure washer has different parts, but the current discussion will focus on different types of the pressure washer, you should be aware of. Moreover, the debate about their advantages and disadvantages will help you in deciding which type best meets the needs.

Pressure Washer Pump and its Different Types

The pump is known as the heart of the pressure washer machine as it is an important part and helps in increasing the high water velocity. The three major types of pressure washer pumps include wobble plate, triplex plunger, and axial cam.

But generically, if we discuss further, then there are two other types of positive displacement pump, including reciprocating and rotary. The reciprocating type uses gears, screws, and vanes, whereas the rotary type uses pistons and plungers.

Now you must be considering what is the specific category of pressure washer pump belong to? Well, the other one that uses piston pumps or plunger for adding energy results in cleaning the water and liquid. Well, we also suggest you know the difference between piston pumps and plungers.

Now let’s come towards discussing different types of pressure washer pump that may result in making most of the pressure washer.

Wobble Plate Pump

These pumps are known as entry-level pumps, and they use piston. Moreover, they use driveshaft to drive appropriately.  The function of the driveshaft is that it pushes the piston reverse and onward after that piston sucks the water and takes out the water with the considerable force. Before they come out from the factory, they generally appear in a sealed shut form. Though this is an imperative type of pressure washer, this type is known as only 70% efficient as its job is to push water against the spring of water.


Usually, they are used in less than 2500 PSI, and for GPM pressure washer, they are below 2.0.


The expected life span of this pump service is around 200 to 400 hours. Their lifespan can be increased to 2-3 years if you use it for less than 3 hours every week.

There are a few pros and cons of this wobble plate pump including;


  • They are efficient enough to run dry.
  • They produce extreme pressure
  • They are priming to use


  • The complexity of this pump with multiple moving parts makes it difficult to replace.
  • The water flow through this pump is quite slow.
  • They are less efficient as compared to other pumps type.

Axial Cam pump

This pump is also known as an axial cam pump and at the transitional level. Moreover, in terms of providing benefits, this type of pump offers more benefits as compared to the wobble plate pump.

Axial cam pump works the same as the wobble pump does, but the main difference exists between both of these pump types is that the piston of axial spins around the swashplate.

There are two different versions of this pump, including fixed and variable. The variable version makes it easier to move the swashplates angle as per the requirements.


The pressure washers that get filled less than 3500 PSI are ideal for these types of the pressure washer.


Though this type of pressure washer pump is better than the previous one, that is why their life expectancy is also better than the last one. The approximate lifespan of this pump is around 500 hours to 800 hours.

This type of pump is also available with different pros and cons including;


  • They are not heavy
  • They are available in compacted sizes
  • They assure self-priming and are more capable as compared to the wobble pump.
  • This pump allows you to adjust the flow of water with the help of the swashplate angle.


  • One of the major drawbacks of this pump is that it gets hotter while operation and takes a considerable time to get cool down.
  • If you haven’t balanced the pump most particularly, then there is a chance of excess vibration. 

Triplex Plunger Pump

It is ideal for the professional level pumps because it is capable enough to tolerate extreme pressure. Moreover, this type of pump is durable and can be operated for a long period without requiring maintenance.

If we are focusing on efficiency, then this type of pump is 90% efficient than the other types of pumps. This professional pump doesn’t get hotter quickly because it runs at a lesser RPM as compared to the car engine.


You can find this type of pressure washer with more than 3000 PSI.


It all depends on how well you maintain the pressure washer and how often you use it. The maintenance cost of the pump is also low. 

There are different pros and cons of this type of pump including;


  • They perform efficiently.
  • The lifespan of this pump is better and longer than the other two
  • They are less prone to leak
  • Can be cooled in the shorter period


Though this type is better than the other two, that’s why they are expensive and require the most cost to purchase them.

Final Words

The core purpose of this article was to highlight different types of pumps that can be used in the pressure washer. We are hopeful that you have got a better and clear idea about these types of pumps and where to use these pumps effectively.