Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews

This is a review of the Simpson Pressure Washer. The short part of it is the simple set-up and usage of the machine, it begins quickly (actually, it’s only one pull), and has great cleaning capacity. The engine oil bottle that comes with the machine is just the right amount, spill it all into the crankcase, attach gas to the big fuel container and you’re good to go.

The Motor has plenty of strength, and the machine is meant for use as a blast (pun). I used to scrub my roof, the eaves and the siding for the home. I even purchased a soap lance to be used when cleaning my bikes, which performed very well. As I told her that I was purchasing a power washer, my wife was a little suspicious but after seeing the outcome with either the patio and eaves she’s sold.

Many citizens consider washing a job to be a tiresome task. Especially if you want to clean anything out of dirt layers such as siding, boats, or moose patios. The dirt you are not cleaning will trigger more hygienic issues or surface harm. That’s why we’ll settle on showing you some of the Simpson cleaning company’s options.

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S – Best for heavy-duty operation

SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S - Best for heavy-duty operation

Next up, we have our top pick for heavy-duty operation. In that regard, nothing surpasses the SIMPSON Cleaning MS60763-S.

To start off, this model has a solid and durable exterior that is constructed from welded steel. This means that it can take hits and still be functional under all circumstances.

As far as versatility in cleaning is concerned, you have it. The different connect tips give different cleaning mechanisms and will drastically reduce your normal cleanup time.

Another great feature of this model is its never-flat wheels. This reduces the odds of wheel damage and ensures that you can move around the model always with ease.

The model does, however, have two main downsides. One is that the assembly can get a little tricky and might take some time.

The second thing is that for industrial and outdoor applications, the 25 feet hose length is a little short.


  • Works well in all types of environment 
  • Sturdy and solid exterior frame
  • Excellent power delivery for thorough cleaning 
  • Resilient and reliable never-flat wheels
  • Easy to move around (ergonomic handle design)


  • Suboptimal hose length
  • Assembly is a little challenging 

Simpson MSH3125 SIMPSON Cleaning MSH3125 MegaShot Powerful Washer

Along the lines of the former heavy-duty operation based model, we now have the Simpson MSH3125. As far as functionality and construction are concerned, the Simpson MSH3125 shares the bulk of its properties with its predecessors.

The model is quite durable and sturdy. The all-steel construction ensures that this product can take an even hit and still function without any issues.

Coming to its maintenance, you don’t really have to go overboard. However, it’s advised that you do a routine checkup at least about once a month.

The 10-inch pneumatic wheels ensure that maneuverability of the model is made easy. Coupled with the ergonomic handle, you won’t have much issue pushing this cleaner around.

There are, however, a few downsides to this model. The noise and vibration that this model produces are a little bothersome, but if you’re already using it in a noisy environment, then you won’t have any issue. Plus, some users might also find the drag handle a little short.


  • Operation is quite easy and straightforward
  • Maneuverability is easy
  • Rubber inflated tires 
  • Durable and sturdy all-steel construction
  • Excellent and consistent power delivery


  • Shaky during operation
  • Short drag handle 

SIMPSON Cleaning MS61033-S 3300

SIMPSON Cleaning MS61033-S 3300

Last but not least, we have the SIMPSON Cleaning MS61033-S. Best geared for outdoor works, this model has a power rating of 3300PSI!

The main feature that makes this model such an interesting prospect is that it is quite easy to operate and assemble. As intimidating as it may look, getting the hang of this product is quite easy, which is why it’s been a best-seller for the past few months.

Another good thing about this model is that it is quite durable and sturdy. The all-steel welded construction has ensured that this model can take a beating and still be functional with no decrease in quality.

The model also comes embedded on solid rubber tires that make it easier to move around and get the cleaning job done.

The only possible downside to this model might be the fact that it isn’t really suitable for indoor work. However, if you’re planning for industrial or outdoor cleaning jobs, then this is arguably one of the best models out there!


  • All steel welded construction makes it durable 
  • Easy to move around and operate
  • Includes an elaborative instruction manual
  • Ergonomic handle/grip for maneuverability 


  • Not suitable for indoor operation 


Simpson Cleaning as a organization has established a stable customer list, which is obvious because they have remained in the industry for so long. They prefer to build and render heavy-duty washing machines which are reliable. Also the consumers claim Simpson pressure washers last a long time. The fact that the FNA company, established as a leader in the pressure cleaning business, purchased them just helps to show the standard of their operation and goods.

Throughout our Simpson Pressure Washer Reviews, we have covered the most sought-after cleaning systems and you can save the time you need for the study, and just pick the right washing device for your needs.