SereneLife Electric Power Pressure Washer Review

This Serenelife Electric Pressure Washer is one of the best pressure washers that the market has to offer at the moment. Coupled with a brand new design, it has the majority of the features that you are looking for, and more!

Serenelife Electric Pressure Washer – Product Review

Programs and Features

First and foremost, the Serenelife Electric Pressure Washer has been designed to cater to a wide range of uses, meaning it is compatible with a whole bunch of activities. This means that it can be used by individuals all over because it is just that versatile in terms of functionality.

Ranging from light weight work to heavy duty tasks, this electric pressure washer has got your back. It has a power cord that can extend by up to thirty five inches making it easier to reach areas that are further off from where you have placed the washer.

On the bottom, you can find wheels that make it easier to move the washer from one place to another. This comes in especially handy because the washer is quite heavy so lifting it every time would be out of the question. This way, everybody can easily maneuver it around.

As for the water hose, you will find that it extends about twenty-five inches in length and can withstand about two thousand psi in terms of water pressure, meaning you get a pretty steady stream of water from the hose that you can set to either high or low depending on the kind of flow you want.

This pressure washer also comes with a few accessories including a sprayer as well as a detergent tank. The sprayer helps to blast soap or cleaning foam onto any surface which does a good job of clearing up a fair amount of dirt or grime, which makes your job a whole lot easier.

It is great for use on cars, walls, as well as flooring. In addition, you can use it outside in order to clean your concrete steps out there, windows, or driveways. For bigger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs, it becomes much easier on you to clean areas that were previously hard to reach.

As the cherry on top, the Serenelife Electric Pressure Washer is also environmentally friendly and economical as it saves water by regulating the amount that goes through the hose. In addition, it is also much quieter than standard jet hoses making for a much more peaceful cleaning experience that won’t have all your surroundings in an uproar.

As for storage, there is a very well-placed cable hook that you can use to fold up and stow away the hose while it is not in use. It makes for compact storage and protects your hose from unnecessary damage or wear and tear when idle.

The washer gun attached to this washer is manufactured from professional grade equipment in which you can find several customized pressure washer wands as well as universal thread connectors. As if that wasn’t enough, it also comes with portable washer outlet that can be attached or detached at will for ease of functionality and storage.  

No matter what type of surface you are working with, the Serenelife Electric Pressure Washer will leave it looking renewed and will restore its original sheen in no time, without straining you even the slightest bit.


Weight: 17.2 pounds

Item Dimensions: 10.8 x 10.2 x 18.1 inches

Pressure Rating: 1520-2000 Psi

Length of Water Hose: 16.5 feet

Manufacturing Material: Engineered ABS

Length of Power Cord: 10 feet

Power Supply: 240 V

Power Output: 1400 Watts

Detergent Tank Capacity: 350 ml

Rate of Water Flow: 5.2 Liters/Minute

Operating Pressure: 10.5 Mpa

Hose Material: PVC (Reinforced)

Threading Adaptor: ¾ inches


  • Can be placed either vertically or horizontally for ease of use and increased stability
  • Easy to put the whole unit together
  • Water hose and power cord can be extended for harder to reach areas
  • Wheels on the bottom to easily move the washer from one room to another
  • Regulates water pressure and saves water
  • Comes with detergent tank and sprayer to easily dispense soap onto any surface
  • Can be used to clean and refurnish any type of surface


  • Restricted to use with cold water – cannot be used with hot water or it will get damaged.
  • Water pressure is not enough for a power wash.