Pressure Washing Safety Tips

Life is the greatest of the blessings we have, and it would be a waste if we end up losing this blessing to a silly mistake. There is a proverb that goes as: A double-check is a key to a long life. The use of pressure washers might seem like an essential thing, but the absolute pressure and the power rating it has, things can get dangerous if one is careless and has a lazy approach.

The improper use of anything can be dangerous or even lethal, but the commercial pressure washers pose a high-risk rating. So let’s just run into the safety tips that one needs to ensure for longer life.


This might be a new term for you, but it is not for the professionals. It is always advised to give your appliance a thorough lookup and check before you start it or switch it on. This process is beneficial for preventing almost all sorts of disasters because if there is a defect, it can easily be adjusted or taken care of. In the case of pressure washers, you can watch out especially for the damaged piping or other parts. The process itself takes less than 5 minutes but saves your life.

Protective Gear

Protective gear is always suggested to be worn before you start handling an appliance. Just as the scientists wear their overalls and lab coats and the astronauts wear their special suits, the same is the case for pressure washers. Commercial pressure washers have a risk rating that helps the manufacturers and the safety authorities devise an appropriate protective gear for them.

Safety goggles and heavy-duty gloves are always recommended before the use of a commercial-grade power washer.

Changing Settings

In addition to other factors, it is also suggested or rather should be a common practice to change the settings to lower power or even turn it off before you change the hardware or refuel your machine. If you are to refuel the engine while it is running, there is a high risk that it might explode and thus extremely dangerous for operation in such conditions. Similarly, if you are to change nozzles of the washer while it is under maintenance, you are risking so much because the pressure can loosen the vents and its clip and therefore making it risky and very much prone to damage.

Hold it Firm

Pressure washers usually do not seem like it, but they are compelling with heavy-duty engines equipped in them. People can often get carried away by their power and even underestimate the brute strength of these power washers. But the thing is that these washers are extremely powerful and can cause a great deal of damage if not taken seriously. It is always suggested and advised that one should use both hands when handling a power washer because, with a loose grip, he can not only damage himself but is putting others at risk too.