Mrliance 3500psi electric pressure washer Review

Mrliance 3500psi electric pressure washer Review

Starting off this list, we have the mrliance Electric Pressure Washer. With a smart blue and black exterior, this material is as functional as it is good-looking!

The best feature of this model is that it offers good versatility due to the wide assortment of nozzle angles you can use. Likewise, the detergent tank is also replaceable. 

The model also employs a total stop system. This ensures that you don’t waste energy if you’re not really using the mrliance Electric Pressure Washer. The mechanism is trigger activated. Hence, if your finger is off, the machine will stop by itself.

The mrliance Electric Pressure Washer also comes packed with all the relevant accessories needed to get the job done. This means you won’t have to make separate purchases down the road!

There are no downsides to the MrLiance. This is what primarily warrants its premium recommendation badge. If you choose this model, you’re in for a treat!

As similar to the first product on this list, which was the premium recommendation, now we have the mrliance Electric Pressure Washer, which is just as good as the first, albeit with one tiny difference.

The main difference that is employed here is that the nozzle pressure is adjustable. This pressure difference created will help you clean different types of surfaces with different power levels.

The power rating on this model is quite high, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. Likewise, coupled with a 26 feet high-pressure hose makes it quite optimal for its job.

Another good feature that this model employs is the Total stop system. As mentioned above, this ensures that your cleaner doesn’t use energy unnecessary. This is also a step forward to being smarter with your electricity bills.

There aren’t any downsides or defects to this model that would warrant it a doubt. This model is as good as it gets!


  • The pressure nozzle is adjustable 
  • Can help clean a variety of differently sensitized surfaces
  • Comes packed with a multitude of accessories
  • Simplistic assembly and operation 
  • Total stop system will save energy 
  • Copper inlet pipe is durable and sturdy


  • Comes packed with all the accessories
  • Simplistic and easy assembly 
  • Total stop system saves energy 
  • Copper inlet spray is tough and resistant to rust 
  • Easy to move around with the high-pressure washer wheels


  • None