How to pressure wash a car

A clean car says a lot about its owner. One can have a dirty room, but a dirty car is an unforgivable sin. Most people might not agree with me, but this is how it goes for car lovers. Most of the people consider washing one’s car by hand to be very time-consuming and painstaking. Now, this is true at many levels, but hey, we can still pressure wash a car.

Advantages of Pressure Washing

Pressure washing a car is among the quickest and the most natural ways in the book to cleaning your vehicle. The idea that tops is to drown your vehicle, but it has certain obvious limitations. Pressure washing your car is really easy and does not take much time either.

To pressure wash a car, all you need is

  • A pressure washer and
  • Foam Cannon
  • Car wash soap (Replacement for foam cannon)

Foam cannon is exceptionally efficient for taking the dust and the dirt off your car.

In addition to this, pressure washing your car also reduces or instead minimizes the risk of scratching your vehicle because it avoids direct contact with the paint. But at the same time, carelessness and negligence can also go against you and damage the paint as well.

Getting the resources

The things you will need for this are pressure washer, a supply of water, and a foam cannon.

The process itself is rather very simple and easy for anyone to follow.

The steps for cleaning

The first step you need to take is to rinse the body of your car with the washer lightly. But make sure that the windows or doors are closed (I have been this foolish once). Use low pressure and make sure the spray wand is at least three feet away from the car itself.

Once the chassis of the car is wet, it is time for us to introduce our foam cannon. You can also use a detergent or washer in place of the foam cannon, but the use of foam cannon gives greater results as it is very efficient in breaking up dust particles.

Use the foam cannon to spray the soap all over your car and even on the tires and under the car as well, if required, now that your car is all soaked in soap let it rest for a couple of minutes so that the soap dissolves and breaks down all of the dirt.

And now is the time we move on to our final step where we remove the soap and boom, we have a shiny new car underneath. Insert a 25 or 40-degree nozzle over the wand. As for the pressure, set it at 2000 pounds per square inch or something less than it.

Before you start

Before you start cleaning, make sure you test the pressure on an area that catches minimal attention or is, unfortunately, already damaged to avoid any additional damage.

Once you have adjusted the pressure and can control the pressure as well, start spraying the water over the car to take off all the soap and the accumulated dust. Start from the top of the car and move gradually to the bottom. Make sure to pay special attention to edges and corners that would escape your sight otherwise for a thorough cleanup.

If still unsatisfied, you can go for another round. But whatever you do, make sure that you keep the hose or the wand at least one foot away from the surface of the car because excessive pressure can damage or even strip the paint right off the surface of your car.

Safety Precautions

However, there are some precautions that you need to follow or take care of before and while washing your car. Firstly, you have to be cautious about using the pressure washer because a higher pressure can damage the paint.

Be even more careful if you have an older car, as the already rough and fragile paint can strip off easily due to high pressure.

Before finishing up with the washing procedure, you should do a quick walk around the car to make sure you haven’t missed any parts.

A good tip for getting the best results when you pressure wash your car is to wash the door jams to remove the dust accumulated over the years.