10 Essential Pressure Washer Attachments

A pressure washer is ideal for those who don’t want to waste hours on cleaning tasks. The washer helps clean different surfaces faster because it throws soapy water with high pressure, cleaning a dirty surface within minutes. You can remove stains dust, grime, or mold by using such fast washing equipment. The pressure washer works with the normal tap water or hot water, depending on its category.

The pressure washer performs well if you attach certain cleaning tools with it, like brush, nozzle, spray gun, surface cleaner, broom, etc. These attachments convert the washer into multi-functional equipment. Like, you can clean grills, stoves, cars, dustbins, floors, walls, heavy tools, and much more.

We are going to describe the 10 effective pressure washer attachments that will help you clean specific objects and surfaces according to your needs, so let’s start

Cleaning Brushes

Brushes also help clean surfaces and the main aim here is to have a hassle-free and healthy cleaning without affecting the environment. You can attach a compatible brush to the pressure washer and clean metal or cane furniture, vehicles, boats, trash cans, etc.

The brush cleans debris whereas the high-pressure spray s away debris, and throws clean water as a final touch, giving you a neat and clean surface. Generally, these brushes rotate while removing grime without a manual effort. Several washer brands make rotating brushes, so you can buy them with a washer.

Round Surface Cleaner

This tool is ideal for flat surfaces and it consists of a round plastic enclosure with a built-in nozzle bar that sprays water on the surface with pressure. It prevents debris from flying and damage the surrounding things, like vehicles, plants, accessories, etc.

These surface cleaners are suitable for large driveways, decks, patio or garage floors, construction sites, or commercial building floors. You can finish the cleaning task within a few minutes that is not possible with traditional cleaning tools.

However, you should have a surface cleaner that is compatible with your pressure washer. The PSI of a washer determines the kind of surface cleaner you should buy. Generally, surface cleaners become expensive for high-PSI pressure washers. Besides, you will also have to consider the diameter of the cleaner that varies according to the brand.

Winds or Lances

Though a pressure washer comes with a stock wand, you can replace it with a more effective wand according to your needs. A variety of wands are available, including steel wands, telescoping wands, a quick-connect wand, and a wand with a nozzle.

If you want to clean far-located surfaces, the telescoping wand will be suitable, like deep gutters or the 2nd floor of a building. Such long wands prevent you from ladders and you stay safe while cleaning. You can wash windows, walls, and chimneys, canopies of the 2nd or sometimes the third story. It is suitable for both residential and high-rise commercial buildings.

Turbo Nozzle

It is a rotating nozzle that works well with high-power pressure washers. Other than debris, you can use this tool to remove tough things from a surface like oil, gum, or greasy stuff. The turbo nozzle throws water at a 3000RPM by rotating at zero degrees. The water flows in a cone form because of pressure coming from a small tip. This is the pressure that cleans tough and sticky objects faster than any other method. Here again, you should buy a compatible turbo nozzle that fits the washer.

Pressure Washer Broom

Two tools together make a pressure washer broom, such as a surface cleaner and a revolving scrub brush. You have to connect the broom with the pressure washer wand. The broom throws water through 2 to 3 nozzles, depending on its make. You can clean large areas or flat surfaces with a washer broom.

When you roll the lance along any surface, the broom cleans it by spraying water with gentle but effective pressure. The surface cleaner works along with the scrub brush to clean dirt or debris. However, a surface cleaner is better for tough surfaces than a broom. So you can use a broom for areas which are not so dirty or sticky.

Soap Foamer

The pressure washer foamer is a cannon that converts the soapy water into foam. It connects to the spray gun or a lance and cleans the surface through a soapy foam spray. First, it throws foam to a dirty surface, and then the jet of water removes the dirt.

The tool becomes essential when you want to clean a car or boat. It is a great substitute for a detergent tank that comes with a few pressure washers. Whereas the detergent tanks are suitable for heavy tasks, like cleaning heavy equipment.

Pressure Spray Gun

A pressure washer includes a spray gun that you can replace with any other gun to upgrade the tool. Like, a stainless steel or brass gun is quite durable than a plastic gun that comes with many electric pressure washers. The stainless steel gun is not vulnerable to damage like a plastic gun, besides it enhances the cleaning process, especially, when you are cleaning a greasy surface. Likewise, the copper spray gun is maintenance-free and speeds up the task.

Ball Valve

You can stop the water flow with a ball valve like you don’t have to turn off the machine to stop the water flow. The valve facilitates you when you have to replace any attachment and you can’t do it with running water. Like, you can block water by using the ball valve while changing the brooms, wands, or surface cleaners.

Water Filter

A cleaning tool itself has to be clean to perform well. What if the pump is unclean and you get more dirt while removing the existing dirt? So, a water filter helps in this case, and you have to attach this filter between the feed line and a pump.

It filters water by keeping the pump free from contaminants and becomes even more important if the water you use is coming from a dam or well. The filter is also necessary for areas that use rainwater. Generally, the water filters are cheap, and you can afford them easily.

Pressure Washer Gauge

It helps monitor the performance of a washer and you have to install it on the pump outlet. It takes a few minutes to attach a gauge that consists of a metal push rod, minimum and maximum pointer, a chemical seal, and a stationary set hand.

So, by using the above pressure washer attachments, you can enhance the cleaning task and get a flawless surface.

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